Your distribution partner for industrial vision software

The right choice of software is essential for all image processing systems. The following page provides information on how to select fitting software for your application. In general, industrial vision software can be categorized into three groups:
  • manufacturer-specific hardware SDKs
  • imaging processing and analytics SDKs with pre-made algorithmns
  • graphical development enviroments for rapid app development
NOTAVIS, Huaray/Dahua, VisionComponents and our software development partner constantly improve on existing software and create new solutions in all areas of industrial visions.

General information on image processing software

  • Powered by Halcon
  • Access the entire Halcon library
  • Possibility to create own apps
  • Toolbox for indification and image processing
  • Easy configuration: No programming skills needed
  • Free library (VC Lib) useable
  • Based on Windows and Linux