Your distribution partner for smart cameras

Your distribution partner for smart cameras

NOTAVIS offers a large portfolio of smart camera systems. The whole software toolset allows the integration into most automatization applications. Integrated image acquisition and analysis in one sytem provides many advantages you can use instantly without any knowdledge in image processing. NOTAVIS systems include fast code-reading systems, intelligent image processing systems and multi camera systems. Our parent company VisionComponents has been delivering smart camera systems for more then 20 years which can be personalized for different use cases. Our software partner develop on-demand software solutions which can be tailored to your specific application.

General information on our smart cameras

Smart camera specifications

  • 0.3 up to 50 MPix
  • Settled out camera heads available
  • All-in-one design
  • GiGE, VGA output, TCP/IP
  • Digital in- & output
  • Powered by Movidius
  • LINUX operating system


  • Up to 4 camera heads
  • GiGE & USB3 Kameras
  • Optionally equipted with a 7“ touch panel

Suitable software

  • NOTAVIS WebApp – the smart software solution based on Halcon
  • NOTAVIS Software – the whole image processing software based on Halcon