Your distribution partner for cameras

NOTAVIS – the distribution partner for industrial cameras

NOTAVIS provides a large collection of premium-quality industry cameras for different use cases. The cameras are produced professionaly in modern production centers by our partners HUARAY, LUCID and Photonfocus. The very close contact between developers and suppliers in is key to modern image processing products. NOTAVIS stockpiles cameras which meet and exceed current industry requirements such as USB 3 and GiGE standard. Possible image resolutions range from 0,3 to 50 megapixels and up to 800 fps. This portfolio isamplified by 2-16k line scan cameras and laser triangulation sensor with a working distance up to 1800 mm and 2000 mm FoV.

General information about our cameras

  • Areas, Linescan & Laser triangulation cameras
  • Rolling and global shutter
  • 0,3 – 50 megapixel
  • GiGE (Vision V2.0 protocol), USB3 (Vision Protocol), CoaXPress and CameraLink available
  • Hyperspectral cameras
  • LineScan cameras
  • Protection class IP 67
  • Powerful SDK
    • free run
    • sharpness
    • noise reduction
    • LUT
    • gamma correction
    • black level correction
    • brightness
    • contrast and more ISP functions
  • GenICam standard
  • POE
  • board-level-cameras